Great drinks – tell a story, stimulate emotions, passion and aesthetic values!

Located in the heart of the Slavonia, the Simic family is reviving the time-honored traditions of Croatian’s master distillers. Contain 14 ha of the plantation of the pear and plum, 3ha accumulation lake and the modern distillery. It has always been a family dream to distill our very own Croatian rakia. In our especially modern distillery ensure we produce a rakia of distinct character with areal sense of place.

The journey and dream that is now reality.

The finest varieties of the Williams pear are converted into a rakia blessed with a honey-like fruit flavor and a softness akin to the most sophisticated brandies, while its 38% of alcohol by volume flawlessly blends into a harmonious whole. In brief, it is a rakia which is very appreciated on the domestic market because of its harmony, softness and its rich aromatic profile. A kind of a trademark of Šimić natural fruit rakia are Šimić Viljamovka, Slivovitz – plum rakia, an exceptionally harmonious rakia which lets you feel the fruit flavor both in the nose and on the palate and Apple rakia.

Hence,great drinks, such as Šimić rakia, tell a story, stimulate emotions, passion and aesthetic values, but the ultimate reach is being constantly re-evaluated.